About smithy

Smithery - it is hard, mans toughness required work, which includes fantasy, cleverness and lightning speed orientation. To make iron "speak" is not so hard, you just have to know his language. You just have to take iron with pincers from forge, which is a glowed from heat, put it on anvil and beat with hammer or sledgeham

Various iron was started to use in II century (bfc). At first it was used in decoration Lithuanian folk artistic smithery has old traditions. It started in the second millennium B.C. with the use of non-ferrous metals (later, of precious metals) in decoration. Beginning with the XIV-XV centuries they came widely used in military equipments, building, as well as for decoration and other household use.
Joint Stock Company "VAIGEDA" (PVM 335071113) started its activity in 2002 the 10th of November. Now production basis of company occupies about 2000 square meters . At present there are 10 workers in our workshop. Joint Stock Company "VAIGEDA" in these years of activity have made her best to create various interesting articles of traditional and modern design smithery.

Our production:
wrought iron articles, iron doors, garage doors, armored doors, gates, fences, candlesticks, fire-place accessories and other iron accessories.

We work and cooperate with Scandinavia and Russia. The biggest part of production is being sold to these countries. We deliver our production where customer demands, color and assemble as customer wants.
We shall do our best to answer all Your questions and hope for productive cooperation.